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Bike riding is the first love of every child; their first taste of freedom and the great sense of achievement. Nearly all of us can remember our first bicycle as a child and the happy memories it brought.

How Do I Teach My Child To Ride Without Stabilisers?

Finding and buying an amazing first bike for your child is not so difficult but what is challenging is teaching your children to ride their first bicycle without stabilisers. It can also be difficult for them to make the transition from balance bikes safely. Balance bikes are great for learning how to balance but, when you throw in the peddles as well as the concept of “keep pedalling whilst looking forward and steering”, it can very quickly become overwhelming for a child and set them back; sometimes reverting them back to stabilisers.

Today, however, most parents realise that using stabilisers on a child’s bicycle will most likely make it harder for that child to learn to balance on their own when switching to bikes without stabilisers. What both kids and parents need is something to replace the training wheels and help make learning to ride first bicycles easy and safe for kids. So, if you are planning to gift your child a great bike but are worried about teaching him/her to learn to ride it, then don’t worry as we have the perfect replacement for stabilisers.

Transition from a Balance Bike to a Bicycle Without Stabilisers

BikyBiky’s Learn to Cycle Harness for kids has been specifically designed by our Dutch team of designers to teach children, who are either moving up from balance bikes or switching from stabilisers, to ride their first big bicycle safely and easily.

By simply putting your child in one of our BikyBiky Kids Learn to Cycle vests when they start learning to ride their new big bike, parents can simply hold the padded handle attached to the back of the harness, helping to maintain the child’s balance and assisting with slowing down or avoiding any obstacles.

Keep Your Children Safe Whilst They’re Cycling

In the event of any mishaps, you can simply lift up your child and prevent them from falling or getting tangled up with the bicycle. This way, your kid’s experience of learning to ride their first bike will be exciting, enchanting, and pain-free. The cycle vest is a great teaching aid and a fantastic way for parents and children to bond whilst massively boosting their confidence when riding their bicycle.

If you’re wondering how to go about teaching your child to ride their first bike without stabilisers, a BikyBiky Cycle Vest will help them to learn safely and easily. Browse our website or contact us to find out more.

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