Bike Helmet

It’s very necessary to use all the cycling safety accessories while bike riding to keep yourself safe and sound.


Cycling Safety Accessories


The accessories include helmets, special clothing like jerseys, jackets etc. Helmets are especially very necessary for the kids who are in the process of learning balancing and having first balance bike. Through these cycling safety accessories, your kids can easily learn cycling without any injuries. The use of helmet and accessories are also very necessary for adults to keep safe and sound and avoid any kind of injury.


Well manufactured Helmet


Light, comfortable and easy to handle helmets have more significant results that’s why manufacturers try to make these safety accessories according to strict set standards. There are different types of helmets like casual, road bike and mountain bike helmets. You can choose your helmet according to your requirements.


Components of Helmet for safety


Usually cycling or bike helmets are enclosed with a plastic shell to grip the helmet simultaneously in a collapse and in this way provide a support to protect your head and neck.

The helmet liners are made of stretched polystyrene foam. It is very important that the liner perfectly fits your head so can easily protect your head while any kind of accident.

Ventilation, sun-shielding visor, chin bar to provide face protection and straps are some other adding components of helmets that are designed for the ease and protection of rider.

Different sizes of Helmet


Always select the right size while choosing the helmet. A well fitted helmet is very necessary; there are different sizes you can choose like small, medium and large having different measurements.


General sizing parameters:


  • Extra-small: below 20″ (51cm)
  • Small: 20″–21.75″ (51cm–55cm)
  • Medium: 21.75″–23.25″ (55cm–59cm)
  • Large: 23.25″–24.75″ (59cm–63cm)
  • Extra-large: above 24.75 (63cm)
  • One size fits all (men): 21.25″–24″ (54cm–61cm)
  • One size fits all (women): 19.75″–22.5″ (50cm–57cm)
  • One size fits all (kids): 18″–22.5″ (46cm–57cm)

When your helmet is damaged either just slightly damage in any kind of collapse just replace it as soon as possible because safety always comes first.