Like other machines such as motor bike or car, your bicycle also needs some care and maintenance that make its life longer and gives you a smooth ride. Same is the case with children’s bicycle because it’s a fun factor for them. They learn bike harness, cycling and balancing from it.

Tips for maintenance

Here are some tips for maintenance of bicycle that make your ride smooth and safe:

  • Check the nuts on the wheel for quick release specially the back wheel because it should be tightly fitted.

  • Like back wheel check the nuts of front wheel too for smooth and secure running.

  • Spokes should also be tightly fitted and not to be loose.

  • Check the air pressure in each tyre because it’s very important for smooth ride. If there is not enough air pressure then attach your pump to the valve to pump up the tyre.

  • Oiling of chain is very necessary as well as it should be clean for smooth ride of the bike. Don’t use too much oil. Always use as per requirement.

  • Check your pedals, should be spin smoothly and don’t squeak while spinning.

  • Check saddle. Your seat post should not be loose. Tight the seat post clamp and then check it by take a ride.

  • Proper check of brakes is very important. Check your front and back brakes. Brake mechanism should move when brakes are being applied if not then there is a need of adjustment. This is possible by loosening brake cable anchor bolt. Check adjuster screws of the brakes as well. Then check front brakes by pushing the cycle forward and then applying brakes. Same is the case with rear brakes applying by pulling the cycle back.

  • Check stem bolts properly. Tighten them if required.

  • Check the frame of the bicycle in terms of any crack or damage and then fix them. Also check the area where frame connects to the head tube.

  • Check that there is any clicking in the headset. This can be checked by taking head tube on one hand and then applying front brake.

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Cycling is just freedom and adventure for the children. Children enjoy this activity a lot. Cycling is good for health and keeps them healthy and fit as well as develops the physical and mental skills needed to make safe decisions when they are on the road.


Beside all the enjoyment your child should know that it’s a mean of transportation that should be handled carefully. Child’s cycling activity should be encouraged because its beneficial health wise as well as it’s the demand of time due to environmental issues.


Children Love Cycling


Tricycle is the first step in learning to ride a bicycle then the stabilizers in two wheeler’s help the children how to balance. The key to bike riding is balance and making it fun.


Now a day’s cycling trend is being reduced in children as well as adults. Cycling activity should be encouraged to minimize traffic pollution.


In terms of children walking and cycling to school parents are usually worried due to traffic danger. Try to teach all tactics of cycling to make them confident so they can gain a sense of freedom and independence, they’ll also improve their confidence and fitness.


Some Basic Cycling Signs


Your child should learn all traffic as well as some basic signs of cycling that are as follows:


Cycling in a safer way
Route recommended for cycles on main road



Cycling in a safer way


Route to be used by cycles only




Cycling in a safer way


Route for both Pedestrian and cycles




Cycling in a safer way


Separated Pedestrian and cycle Route




Cycling in a safer way



Contra Flow cycle Route



Cycling in a safer way



No cycling



Cycling in a safer way



No Pedestrian or cyclist

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Buying the very first bike for kid is a special moment in parent’s life that they always remember. For generations, people are buying bike with stabilizers to help children learn to ride their first bike. But, you might have listened to stories where bike with stabilizers made the learning of bicycle really difficult for kids. Undoubtedly, Bike/bicycle stabilizers do help the kids to understand motion of bike and how they can use bike. If you are thinking of buying bike stabilizers for your child’s first bike, then do read drawbacks of using training wheels before making any final decision.


Bicycle stabilizers teach kids pedaling & not balancing a bike


It is a known fact that bike riding is all about balancing and pedaling. Stabilizers help kids learn the art of pedaling. Stabilizers provide support to kids when riding bike. A child gets the feeling of bike rider as soon as he begins riding bike with the support of stabilizers. But despite all this, the major problem with bike stabilizers is that they do not teach kids how to balance a bike. Everyone knows that the one of the most important parts of learning to ride a bike is balancing. Kids who do not learn balancing a bike, cannot ride it properly and safely.


 Children are scared of moving from 4 to 2 wheeler bicycle


It is a fact that kids easily and quickly learn to ride a bike having stabilizers. Once stabilizers are removed, kids lose the confidence stabilizers have given them, they are unable to balance the bike and as a result they fall from bike trying to balance it without stabilizers and get injured. The kid who once falls from the bicycle while learning to ride it after the removal of stabilizers often refuses to move to bike with no stabilizers. That is why; shifting kids from 4 wheeler bike (bike with stabilizers) to 2 wheeler bicycle often becomes difficult for parents.


Stabilizers cannot be used on bumpy surface


Bike with stabilizers cannot be ridden on rocky paths. Bike with training wheels is best to ride on even, flat and smooth surfaces. If a kid rides a bike having stabilizers on a surface banked to one side, bike will lose its balance and will fall on the ground. It means stabilizers can limit kids’ bike riding adventure.


Extra money is spent on buying stabilizers


First, you have to spend money to buy first bike for your child then if you want to buy stabilizers too, you will have to take out more money from your pocket to buy bicycle stabilizers. That is why; some parents consider training wheels as additional burden on their pockets.


Stabilizers lessens maneuverability of bicycle


Training wheels reduce maneuverability of bicycle. While cornering, stabilizers act as hurdle in the natural lean of the bicycle. As training wheels vertically hold the bicycle, therefore it becomes difficult for bike rider to steer the bike easily.


Apart from these drawbacks, training wheels add more weight to the bike; they are also noisy and fragile.


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Every parent wants to see his/her kid happy. That is why; parents try to buy everything that can bring smile on their kids’ faces. If your kid has reached the age at which he can learn to ride a bike then bicycle is one of the best gifts that you can buy for your child. Bicycle riding is a fun activity that offers immense pleasure and a sense of independence to kids.

It is to be noted that whenever you buy bicycle for your kid always choose the right size bicycle for your kid – the one that fits him well.  If you buy a bike that is too small for your kid, he/she will feel cramped and discomfited. On the other hand, if you buy a bike that’s too big for your kid, he/she will not be able to control it well and might injured him/herself. Therefore, you should never buy a wrong size bicycle that makes your kid feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

Everyone knows that bicycles have different sizes. While, kids have different ages and height. There is not a single bike in the market that is fit for all sizes of kids. Then, how you can choose the right bicycle for your kid? For your help and guidance, we are presenting useful guidelines below so that you can buy a right size bicycle for your kid.

  • We love to give surprise gifts to our kids. But, when you go out to buy bicycle for your kid, it is good to take him/her to the bicycle shop so that he can try out bike there and buy the one that fits him/her well and is comfortable enough for him/her.


  • The reference point while choosing bicycle for kids is diameter of the wheel. Kids’ bicycles are sized in the light of diameter of wheels. Kids’ bicycles usually come with 12, 16, 20 and 24 inch diameter wheels. A bike with12 inch diameter wheel is considered perfect for kids aged 3 to 5 years. While, 16 inch wheeled bike is good for kids aged 4 to 7 years. Kids who are 5 to 10 years old will need a bike with 20 inch diameter wheels. Kids aged 8 to 14 years require a bike with 24 inch diameter wheels.


  • According to International Bicycle Fund, kids’ bike should be chosen by keeping in view child’s age and inseam measurement. Inseam is the length of the leg, from crotch to ankle. A kid aged 2 to 4 years having 14-17 inch inseams requires 12 inch diameter wheels. Kids aged 5 to 8 years with 18 to 22 inch inseams need 16 inch diameter wheels. While kids that have ages between 7 to 10 years having 22- 25 inseams require 20 inch diameter wheels. Kids who are 9 years old and older than 9 years having 24 to 28 inch inseams need 24 inch diameter wheels.
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There is a division among parents on the issue of bicycle riding by kids. There are some parents who believe that bicycle riding is a dangerous activity for kids therefore children should not be allowed to ride a bicycle. On the other hand, some parents say that bicycle riding is a healthy activity for kids and kids should be encouraged to learn to ride a bike. The fact is both perspectives are true. Bike riding is healthy for kids but what makes bicycle riding dangerous for kids are the myths held by parents related to bike safety.  The wrong guidance by parents related to bicycle riding leads to injuries and accidents. Parents don’t understand the fact bike riding in itself is not unsafe for kids, their lack of knowledge and misconceptions related to bike safety makes bike riding dangerous for kids. We are presenting myths related to kid’s bicycle safety below to remove all misconceptions from the minds of the parents.

Kids do not need helmet while riding bike in neighborhood

That’s not true. Instead, parents should encourage kids to wear helmet for every short and long ride. Accidents are not limited to streets; you too would have witnessed accidents taking place in driveways and on sidewalks. Places close to home and far from home are equally unsafe for kids while riding bike. Therefore, make it a habit of your kid to wear helmet every time he/she rides a bicycle. In case, if your kid falls from bicycle helmet will protect him/her against any injury.

Football helmet & bike helmet are similar

Foot ball helmet and bike helmet serve different purposes. Bike helmet is particularly designed to protect head in case of fall from bike. It is to be noted that all types of helmets are designed for different sports to protect head from specific type of injury linked to every sport. Therefore, never ever allow your kid to wear helmet other than bike helmet while riding bicycle.

Kid will grow into bigger bike

Always buy a bicycle that is fit and safe for your kid. Never buy an oversize bicycle because oversize bicycles are dangerous and result in crashes.

Kids should be discouraged to use hand signaling while riding bicycle

There is a misconception in minds of some parents that hand signaling while riding bike weakens kids control on bike. The fact is it is an essential part of road rules that must be taught to kids when they start to learn to ride  their first bike. Hand signaling is a non verbal communication between cyclists and motorists. With the help of hand signaling cyclists convey motorists about their intended actions.

It’s ok for kids to ride against traffic

That’s not right. Always teach your kids to ride bicycle on the right side of the road while facing traffic. Kids who ride bicycle against traffic sometimes confuse motor drivers. Many accidents take place each day due to bicycle riders riding against traffic.


Bike riding at night is safe for kids, if they use bike reflectors & reflective vest

No. It is not safe for kids to ride bicycle at night unless and until they take special training. Discourage your kids to ride bike at dusk and after dark.

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Children love cycling and they enjoy this healthy activity. At starting age they use stabilizers for balancing their bike and completely enjoy their ride but with the passage of time children start learning the tactics of balancing with the help of their parents. Cycling without stabilizers means self balancing is the biggest achievement for a child and a powerful memory in child’s life.

Some useful Tips

Here are some steps that how parents can help the child for a perfect ride without stabilizers:

  • Lowering the seat and removing pedals as well as using the brakes in a right way can enable a child to easily stable the bike.
  • Encourage your child to take oversize steps.
  • Encourage your child to use hops for short distances.
  • Try to do the wiggle with brakes to show your child that bike is stable.
  • Make sure your child is comfortable.
  • Make sure the safety of your child.
  • Using one foot on pedal and then scoot with other help your child how to balance in a right way.
  • In their first attempt hold their body and then slowly release them and fully encourage them to handle their bike to their own.
  • Encourage your child to look up and balance the bike. Don’t look down on their feet or the wheels. Otherwise it will confuse them.
  • Find a traffic free and smooth place to teach your child.
  • A slight slop in downward direction helps the child to easily learn the balancing.
  • Make sure that pedals are placed well.
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There is increasing number of cars used now days. Due to this, air pollution is increasing and there are a lot of climate change is being recorded which is not good for our environment. It’s time to rapidly increase environment friendly active travelling like cycling and walking and avoid other vehicles as much as possible to decrease carbon emission. It’s the time to make your environment safe, clean and green.


Increase in Air Pollution


It is expected that in UK rise of carbon dioxide emission is 35% between 1990 and 2030. It’s actually an alarming condition so it’s very necessary to change our travelling habits to reduce the air pollutions in order to achieve the targets. This is the duty of every citizen otherwise air pollution will reach at alarming limits and will not be controllable.

According to demographics there is one car for every 2 person in UK so it’s the time to reduce the number of cars and other vehicle to make your roads safer to encourage active travelling means cycling and walking to reduce carbon emission and air pollution.


Effects of Air Pollution


There are many problems and diseases rising due to air pollution like Asthma, wheezing etc. According to a study polluted air is very dangerous for lungs development of children and reduces the speed of development of lungs in children that ultimately cause cancer.


Active Travelling and its Benefits


Active travelling is not only important to reduce air pollution but it also has health benefits that make you fit and active. The one more reason to adopt active travelling is to save your money as it is very economical and no expenditures of fuel. For long travelling try to use public transport as their average carbon dioxide emission is less than cars.




Let’s be together to make our  environment clean, green and pollution free for our present and upcoming generation and try to adopt environment friendly behaviors in our daily activities.

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Physical activities play a very import role in children’s mental and physical development.  Now days most of the children are involves in indoor play specially video games, using computer and watching TV. Parents should encourage the children for outdoor play for widen their horizon. Children learn about relationships with peers, adults, and the world around them through physical games

There are so many advantages of outdoor activities and different games like:

  • Development of their skills by achieving different tasks
  • Exploring the world
  • Risk-taking, perfect motor development
  • Development of social skills
  • Make them feel relaxed
  • Physical, social and emotional development

There are some examples of outdoor play or entertainment such as Ball games in the local park, walk or cycle ride, Using a skate park, Exploring the beach e.g. swimming, fossil hunting, stone skimming. You can also entertain your children with different range of outdoor games such as throwing a ball into a bucket and varying the distance, sack races, Parachute games, Running around, Catching games, Kicking and throwing using a soft ball, Running and stopping and hitting a soft ball. Either it’s cycling or other type of activities parents should properly supervise the children and make sure they are having all safety accessories according to the activities.

Benefits of outdoor activities in the light of some studies

  • Children who play regularly in natural environments show more advanced motor fitness, including coordination, balance and liveliness, and they are sick less often (Grahn, et al. 1997, Fjortoft & Sageie 2001).
  • When children play in natural environments, their play is more varied with creative activities that promote language and mutual skills (Moore & Wong 1997, Taylor, et al. 1998, Fjortoft 2000).
  • Exposure to natural environments improves children’s cognitive growth by improving their responsiveness, analysis and observational skills (Pyle 2002).
  • Nature helps children to expand powers of surveillance and imagination (Crain 2001).
  • Outdoor environments are important to children’s development of independence and self-sufficiency (Bartlett 1996).
  • Play in outdoor environments stimulates all aspects of children development more than indoor environments (Moore & Wong 1997).
  • Outdoors, a child learns on multiple levels with each new adventure (Burdette and Whitaker, 2005).


Parents should support their children for the outdoor games. Make sure that area where they are playing is clear from any hazardous debris or any other things that may harm your child. If you take your children to a park, stay close enough to keep an eye on them. These things give them confidence and make a good and strong personality.

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Cycling is the activity of riding a bicycle for transportation, sports, recreation or exercise. Cycling has many benefits – it is an affordable mode of transportation, it keeps the cyclist healthy and fit, it safes the environment from air pollution and helps reduce consumption of petroleum products. All these benefits of cycling are overlooked due to one drawback of cycling i.e. slow speed. We know that the world has become so fast that everyone is trying to catch up with the pace of time. Therefore, we see flood of motor vehicles on roads. A small number of people who still prefer cycles over motor vehicles are reluctant to ride cycles on the roads because of heavy traffic.

It is to be noted that that cycling in heavy traffic is not dangerous if you know how to ride a bike safely. For all the cycle lovers, we are sharing tips for safe cycling so that you can use cycles for everyday travelling to work, school or any other place.

Tips for Safe Cycling

Here are some of the tips that should be followed while cycling on the road:

  • Follow the traffic rules.
  • Limit your speed especially in wet weather due to slippery roads.
  • You can’t take control of your cycle at high speed.
  • Be vigilant while cycling.
  • Always wear helmet and other bike safety accessories.
  • Keep your bike in a very good condition.
  • While cycling make sure that motorist can see you.
  • Use your bell when required because some time pedestrian can’t see you.
  • Use lights and make an eye contact with other road users.
  • Be attentive especially at junctions.
  • Be aware of other vehicles and avoid any kind of collision.
  • Avoid undertaking the vehicles specially the big ones like buses and Lorries etc.
  • For the road safety, cycle training is very important. It will boost your confidence and help you tackle and mange busier roads.

In the end, motor vehicle users should give space to cyclists on the busy roads because cyclists and motor vehicle users have the same right to use the road space in a proper way. So, it’s necessary to respect rights of every user road user and give his/her equal opportunity to use roads in a proper and safe way.

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Children love cycling. Its fun for them as well as it’s a very healthy activity for keep them active and physically fit. For the safety of the children proper maintenance of cycle is very necessary. Choose that type of cycle which is according to the age of your child. For a comfortable and safe ride also buy a basic bicycle kit for your child.

Bike Selection

The selection of the bike according to the age is very necessary because by using different bikes according to the age step by step, children gain more confidence. It’s all the process of learning how to ride safely and confidently.

At early stages children use stabilizers or balancing training wheels then gradually learn how to balance and can easily enjoy a proper ride with independence.

Bicycle Kit

Now in the market there is a wide variety of bicycles for children. As every machine requires maintenance so is the bicycle for proper functioning and a smooth ride. A regular and simple check or maintenance is very important for avoiding trouble free ride and other repairs.

You have to buy a proper basic bicycle kit including:


Helmet is very importance for the protection in case of any collision or accident. This is especially very important for a kid to wear helmet according to the size for preventing any kind of head injury. Always buy a helmet that is proper fit otherwise it won’t work for safety purpose.

The other equipment in the kit includes:


It’s very important to have pump. You can teach your older children how to fix a tyre or pump up the tyres if required.


It’s very important for the safety of the bike especially in rushy areas.


Teach your child the proper usage of a bell. Now there are a lot of tempting designs available of bells for the bicycles of children.


Light weighted bags are also very beneficial to carry some things while riding.


In case of any ride in dark fix a white light in front of the bike.

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