Children love to have bicycles. Cycling is a healthy outdoor activity and a full entertainment for children as children feel freedom through bicycle riding. Children learn how to balance. The bicycle stabilizers help them to easily learn balancing. Parents teach child’s first bike and how to ride and balance with and gradually without the stabilizers. Proper safety measures are very much necessary as well as adult supervision to keep your child safe and sound.

Basic Guideline for Parents

Buying your child’s first bicycle is pretty much exciting for your child as he is excited to ride and learn cycling in a proper way. Choosing the right bike with proper safety measures is very necessary. Here is a guideline to choose the perfect ride for your child:

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  • According to the International Bicycle Fund, most children start riding a two-wheeler bike between the ages of 3 and 4, usually with the help of stabilizers. Between the ages of 4 and 8, they’ve grown-up physically and learn how to balance so they stop using bicycle stabilizers.
  • Your child’s bike should have a low stand over height so if they do fall, they don’t have far to go. The handlebars should also be nice and high so the child is erect and aware of his or her surroundings.
  • Check the wheels and the brakes for proper functioning.
  • Check that the frame is aligned well as well as the quality of the material.
  • Check the proper adjustment of stabilizers or training wheels.
  • Also buy safety accessories like helmet or padded vests to make sure the safety of your child.
  • Beside all the safety measures keep in mind children love funky and bright colors. As it is your child’s first bike so try to select the most attractive to make your child happy and so he or she can excitedly ride on bike.
  • Always remember adult supervision in cycling is very necessary for the safety of children and your child’s safety should be first priority for you.


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All the parents support the idea of learning bike riding by their kids because bike riding boosts physical fitness of the kids, offers pleasure to kids and also gives freedom to them so that they can move around easily and freely. But they are of the view that teaching kids how to ride a bike is a difficult task. Therefore, they frequently ask which is the best first bike for kids that can make bike riding learning experience enjoyable for them. There are two groups; one believes that first balance bikes are the best choice for helping kids learn to ride bike while the 2nd group argues in the favour of bike with stabilizers.

We have done comparison between balance bikes and bikes with stabilizers to help you decide which one of these two is best for your kid.

First Balance Bikes

  • They are more practical and safer as compared to bike with stabilisers. As there are no pedals with balance bikes therefore, kids keep their entire focus on balancing while riding bike which lessens their chances of falling from the bike. As balance bikes are safe, therefore, parents don’t have to stay with their kids all the time when there are riding bike.
  • Balance bikes are economical. You can save your money spent on stabilizers and tricycle if your kid has balance bike. Their resale value is also higher than bike with stabilizers.
  • Teaching kids how to balance bike is the toughest thing and this can be easily and safely done with help of balance bikes because balance bikes help bike riders learn balancing and steering first and pedaling last.
  • Kids who learn to ride balance bikes first, easily learn to ride pedal bikes later on. As balance bikers know how to balance bikes therefore, they can independently ride pedal bikes without their parents’ help.
  • Balance bikes are not complicated at all rather they are fun to ride. They have no batteries, no pedals and no stabilizers.
  • Kids can ride balance bikes on all kinds of surfaces; even surfaces, uneven surfaces, woods, grass, etc.
  • They help kids develop physical self- independence.
  • Balance bikes can be transported easily.


Bike with Stabilizers

  • Bike with stabilizers let kids learn pedal first and balance last. When stabilizers are removed they still have to learn to balance. After removing stabilizers, when kids try to learn balance on pedal bikes they feel more fear of falling and have more chances of getting injured while trying to learn balancing.
  • Learning to ride bike with the help of stabilizers is the slowest way to learn to ride bike. Learning balancing is the crucial step of bike riding but stabilizers delay learning this essential skill.
  • It is believed that very young children find it difficult to learn to ride pedal bike.
  • They are great to be ridden on flat surfaces and bad to be ridden on uneven surfaces and also on wet grass.
  • Bike with stabilizers are heavier then balance bikes. Kids who ride bike with stabilizers get tired more quickly as compared to those who ride balance bikes.
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Children love to enjoy bicycle riding but it’s a vehicle so needs a lot of safety measures to be followed to keep your children safe. It’s very necessary to supervise your children while cycling. It’s a healthy activity and source of fun and enjoyment. Your child feels free and independent. So you need bike safety accessories or kids cycle harness etc.

Parent’s proper Supervision

Parents should spend time to supervise their children while they are trying to learn the essential skills to be capable to ride in a straight line, brake properly as well as balancing with and without stabilizers. Kids need to be taken away from heavy traffic on flat surfaces for practicing. When the children become expert then they can go to a road trial but again with adult supervision. It is recommended that children under 12 require complete supervision of parents or any adult.

Bike Safety Accessories or Equipments

  • While bicycle riding its necessary to wear a helmet as it is very effective and reduce all types of head injuries.
  • The helmet should be properly fitted while cycling.
  • Before the ride, make sure the reflectors are safe, brakes work properly, gears shift efficiently, and tires are tightly protected and properly inflated.
  • Long or loose clothing can get caught in bike chains or wheel. Dress young kids properly to make sure a safe ride.
  • There is another very effective accessory called padded vest that helps your children to learn the bike without stabilizer more confidently. The injury rate in bicycle riding is similar to the other type of sports but parents should supervise the children while bicycle riding to avoid such type of injuries.


Top Tips

  • Children under 10 are not mature enough to ride properly so they should ride on path ways instead of roads.
  • You have to supervise properly.
  • Teach your children road rules.
  • Teach them the rule of look before turning.
  • Teach your children to be alert while riding. Watch out for potholes, cracks, wet leaves or anything that could make them lose control of their bike.
  • When riding, children should be facing forward and have both hands on the handlebars.
  • Maintenance and checking of bike equipment on a regular basis is very necessary.
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Every child love to have bicycles and there is a special tie between kids and bikes that can never be broken. Riding a bike is good for your child as give them freedom and they enjoy this activity with their friends and family.


Excitement of First Bike In children

Children get excited to have their first bike. Then gradually they learn bike harness, bike balancing and riding. Parents help them to learn all these things. For all parents Child’s safety is the major priority. Now there are Bike safety accessories too that keep the children safe and sound.


Safety Accessories

Bicycle stabilisers help to learn the children proper balancing of bike with time but the safety accessories specially padded vests help your children to learn the bike without stabilizer more confidently. The injury rate in bicycle riding is similar to the other type of sports but parents should supervise the children while bicycle riding to avoid such type of injuries.


Healthy Outdoor Activity

Children of all age can enjoy riding a bike. Most important, bicycling is a healthy outdoor activity that the entire family can enjoy together. To teach your children to travel efficiently by bicycle develops patience, control, self confidence and personal responsibility in them.  It also teaches them important driving skills that will make them safer and more considerate by learning basic traffic rules at their early stages.


Health Benefits of Cycling

There are a lot of health benefits of cycling including:

  • increase cardiovascular fitness
  • increase muscle strength and flexibility
  • improve joint mobility
  • decrease stress levels
  • improve posture and coordination
  • strengthen bones
  • decrease body fat levels
  • Help to avoid and prevent other diseases
  • Developing strength, balance, and overall fitness
  • Burn up calories



As child’s safety of children is very important so adult supervision is very necessary for all the children under 9. Parents should select the bike according to safety standards having durable material as well as use safety vests for proper safety and avoid injuries as these vests help to prevent any painful scrapes and falls and avoid getting tangled up with the bike. So enjoy cycling with proper safety measures.

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