Balance Bikes vs Bikes With Stabilizers

All the parents support the idea of learning bike riding by their kids because bike riding boosts physical fitness of the kids, offers pleasure to kids and also gives freedom to them so that they can move around easily and freely. But they are of the view that teaching kids how to ride a bike is a difficult task. Therefore, they frequently ask which is the best first bike for kids that can make bike riding learning experience enjoyable for them. There are two groups; one believes that first balance bikes are the best choice for helping kids learn to ride bike while the 2nd group argues in the favour of bike with stabilizers.

We have done comparison between balance bikes and bikes with stabilizers to help you decide which one of these two is best for your kid.

First Balance Bikes

  • They are more practical and safer as compared to bike with stabilisers. As there are no pedals with balance bikes therefore, kids keep their entire focus on balancing while riding bike which lessens their chances of falling from the bike. As balance bikes are safe, therefore, parents don’t have to stay with their kids all the time when there are riding bike.
  • Balance bikes are economical. You can save your money spent on stabilizers and tricycle if your kid has balance bike. Their resale value is also higher than bike with stabilizers.
  • Teaching kids how to balance bike is the toughest thing and this can be easily and safely done with help of balance bikes because balance bikes help bike riders learn balancing and steering first and pedaling last.
  • Kids who learn to ride balance bikes first, easily learn to ride pedal bikes later on. As balance bikers know how to balance bikes therefore, they can independently ride pedal bikes without their parents’ help.
  • Balance bikes are not complicated at all rather they are fun to ride. They have no batteries, no pedals and no stabilizers.
  • Kids can ride balance bikes on all kinds of surfaces; even surfaces, uneven surfaces, woods, grass, etc.
  • They help kids develop physical self- independence.
  • Balance bikes can be transported easily.


Bike with Stabilizers

  • Bike with stabilizers let kids learn pedal first and balance last. When stabilizers are removed they still have to learn to balance. After removing stabilizers, when kids try to learn balance on pedal bikes they feel more fear of falling and have more chances of getting injured while trying to learn balancing.
  • Learning to ride bike with the help of stabilizers is the slowest way to learn to ride bike. Learning balancing is the crucial step of bike riding but stabilizers delay learning this essential skill.
  • It is believed that very young children find it difficult to learn to ride pedal bike.
  • They are great to be ridden on flat surfaces and bad to be ridden on uneven surfaces and also on wet grass.
  • Bike with stabilizers are heavier then balance bikes. Kids who ride bike with stabilizers get tired more quickly as compared to those who ride balance bikes.