Balancing of Bike Without Stabilizers

Children love cycling and they enjoy this healthy activity. At starting age they use stabilizers for balancing their bike and completely enjoy their ride but with the passage of time children start learning the tactics of balancing with the help of their parents. Cycling without stabilizers means self balancing is the biggest achievement for a child and a powerful memory in child’s life.

Some useful Tips

Here are some steps that how parents can help the child for a perfect ride without stabilizers:

  • Lowering the seat and removing pedals as well as using the brakes in a right way can enable a child to easily stable the bike.
  • Encourage your child to take oversize steps.
  • Encourage your child to use hops for short distances.
  • Try to do the wiggle with brakes to show your child that bike is stable.
  • Make sure your child is comfortable.
  • Make sure the safety of your child.
  • Using one foot on pedal and then scoot with other help your child how to balance in a right way.
  • In their first attempt hold their body and then slowly release them and fully encourage them to handle their bike to their own.
  • Encourage your child to look up and balance the bike. Don’t look down on their feet or the wheels. Otherwise it will confuse them.
  • Find a traffic free and smooth place to teach your child.
  • A slight slop in downward direction helps the child to easily learn the balancing.
  • Make sure that pedals are placed well.