Cycling Fun for Your Toddlers

It’s a wonderful and joyful experience for a toddler to ride a tricycle but a little handling with care teaches them properly how to ride a tricycle and how to paddle on in a proper way.

It’s a new experience for your little one so proper safety measures should be taken because the safety of your child should always be the priority. Knee pads, elbow pads, well fitted helmet and vest are very important safety accessories to keep your child safe and sound.

Children learn different activities through experience. The process of riding bike requires multiple skills like pedaling, steering, balancing, coordination and strength.

Try to focus on all the skills one by one and don’t overburden the mind of your toddler. Usually children start with riding toy. These riding toys help to develop skills like climbing on and off, forward and backward movement, steering as well as how to handle through different obstacles.

When the child becomes expert of all the skills like positioning and turning then then the next step is riding a tricycle with support of pedal and steer.

  • Your child shows interest in tricycle then start practicing your toddler with support until he’ll be the master of all skills.
  • Try to buy a bicycle according to size of your child so he or she can easily ride on it.
  • Your child feels super excited by perfect positioning on pedal.
  • Try to push your child from backward to build a confidence and giving the impression that he is doing all the things by his own.
  • See their reaction that how they enjoy movement of pedal, balancing and weight shifting.
  • When the child is used to the positioning of pedals and leg movements then try to practice them on some incline surface to teach them how to handle the tricycle but give them support on all their way.
  • Then on the next step practice them on flat surface.
  • Teach them Paddling and steering separately.

For practicing use wide and smooth surface because it helps your child to pedal properly and easily. It’s also useful because in this way a child feel more independent by his own and enjoy paddling and steering without any kind of directions and obstacles.