Encourage Your Children for Cycling

Kids love cycling. It’s just like a kind of exploratory play and form of exercise. In this activity children learn balancing through different steps. It’s fun for them and they feel independent while cycling so we can say cycling is fun, excitement, adventure and an independent activity at the same time.

Cycling is also a social activity as children enjoy cycling with their friends and travel to reasonable and safe distances from home.

According to an independent research agency SHEU (Schools Health Education unit), cycling is most favorite sport activity for children in UK as 45% of boys aged 11 to 12 years and 36% of girls cycling at least weekly outside the school hours.

According to department of transport 1% of primary school children and 2% of secondary children cycle to school.

If we talk about cycling to school specifically, it’s a physical activity and at the same time children enjoy with their mates. Although parents feel worried due to different kinds of risks specifically traffic. As it’s natural for parents to protect their children and adult supervision is very important but giving them independence, allowing them to do different things and handling risks by their own have positive effects on their physical and mental development.

Teachers of many schools reported that the children who bike to school are more attentive, receptive and has more learning abilities than other children. Many studies show that physical fitness helps a lot in academic performance and no doubt cycling is the best physical activity to keep your children fit and away from different diseases especially from Childs obesity which is actually the root cause of every disease.

Try to encourage your children for cycling as it is environment friendly, efficient and fun filled ride. You can also go for cycling day trip with your family as it will also strengthen your family bonding and you can definitely enjoy this favorable healthy activity with your family. But safety of the children should always be the priority that can be perfectly achieved by using bike safety accessories like cycle safety harness, helmet, knee pads, bike vest etc. Let your child enjoy this independent activity but in a safer way.