Important Myths Related To Kid’s Bicycle Safety

There is a division among parents on the issue of bicycle riding by kids. There are some parents who believe that bicycle riding is a dangerous activity for kids therefore children should not be allowed to ride a bicycle. On the other hand, some parents say that bicycle riding is a healthy activity for kids and kids should be encouraged to learn to ride a bike. The fact is both perspectives are true. Bike riding is healthy for kids but what makes bicycle riding dangerous for kids are the myths held by parents related to bike safety.  The wrong guidance by parents related to bicycle riding leads to injuries and accidents. Parents don’t understand the fact bike riding in itself is not unsafe for kids, their lack of knowledge and misconceptions related to bike safety makes bike riding dangerous for kids. We are presenting myths related to kid’s bicycle safety below to remove all misconceptions from the minds of the parents.

Kids do not need helmet while riding bike in neighborhood

That’s not true. Instead, parents should encourage kids to wear helmet for every short and long ride. Accidents are not limited to streets; you too would have witnessed accidents taking place in driveways and on sidewalks. Places close to home and far from home are equally unsafe for kids while riding bike. Therefore, make it a habit of your kid to wear helmet every time he/she rides a bicycle. In case, if your kid falls from bicycle helmet will protect him/her against any injury.

Football helmet & bike helmet are similar

Foot ball helmet and bike helmet serve different purposes. Bike helmet is particularly designed to protect head in case of fall from bike. It is to be noted that all types of helmets are designed for different sports to protect head from specific type of injury linked to every sport. Therefore, never ever allow your kid to wear helmet other than bike helmet while riding bicycle.

Kid will grow into bigger bike

Always buy a bicycle that is fit and safe for your kid. Never buy an oversize bicycle because oversize bicycles are dangerous and result in crashes.

Kids should be discouraged to use hand signaling while riding bicycle

There is a misconception in minds of some parents that hand signaling while riding bike weakens kids control on bike. The fact is it is an essential part of road rules that must be taught to kids when they start to learn to ride  their first bike. Hand signaling is a non verbal communication between cyclists and motorists. With the help of hand signaling cyclists convey motorists about their intended actions.

It’s ok for kids to ride against traffic

That’s not right. Always teach your kids to ride bicycle on the right side of the road while facing traffic. Kids who ride bicycle against traffic sometimes confuse motor drivers. Many accidents take place each day due to bicycle riders riding against traffic.


Bike riding at night is safe for kids, if they use bike reflectors & reflective vest

No. It is not safe for kids to ride bicycle at night unless and until they take special training. Discourage your kids to ride bike at dusk and after dark.