Road Safety Training

Children love to travel on cycles. They enjoy cycling alone to the school as all this give them a feeling of freedom. But due to heavy traffic and safety concerns this trend has been decreased and parents not allow their children to enjoy cycling alone.  The better way to solve this problem is that parents should teach their children about traffic rules as well as road safety. Let your child enjoy the freedom of cycling.  It will also give your child the confidence to ride a bike in better way.

Road Safety Tips

Follow the following tips to make sure that your child is safe and sound while cycling:

  • Good condition of Bike

Make sure that your child’s bike is fit and in good condition for cycling on road.

  • Proper Supervision

To give your child the confidence takes a position behind him just for his or her safety or supervision.

  • Bike Safety Accessories

Make sure that your child should wear bike safety accessories like helmet and bike safety vests. These things will keep them safe and sound in case of any collision.

  • Teach them Rules and Regulations

Also teach your children about road safety rules and regulations.

For the road safety training teach your children about following rules:

  • Over Crossing

Don’t cross red light.

  • Traffic Rules

Obey traffic rules.

  • Clear Vision

Ride in a position that your vision should be clear.

  • How to take Control

Don’t go too fast otherwise you will lose your control.

  • Use of bell

Use your bell when required.

  • Give way

Don’t cross any other. Try to give the way to others.

  • Special Care

Be careful at junction, entrance and bends.

  • Be on your side

Make sure you are on your side.

  • Unusual Situations

Teach them how to take control on the bike in case of any unusual condition.


These tips are very necessary to develop better skills and to gain maximum confidence. It can also give a feeling a pleasure and independence to the children.