Safe Cycling

Cycling is the activity of riding a bicycle for transportation, sports, recreation or exercise. Cycling has many benefits – it is an affordable mode of transportation, it keeps the cyclist healthy and fit, it safes the environment from air pollution and helps reduce consumption of petroleum products. All these benefits of cycling are overlooked due to one drawback of cycling i.e. slow speed. We know that the world has become so fast that everyone is trying to catch up with the pace of time. Therefore, we see flood of motor vehicles on roads. A small number of people who still prefer cycles over motor vehicles are reluctant to ride cycles on the roads because of heavy traffic.

It is to be noted that that cycling in heavy traffic is not dangerous if you know how to ride a bike safely. For all the cycle lovers, we are sharing tips for safe cycling so that you can use cycles for everyday travelling to work, school or any other place.

Tips for Safe Cycling

Here are some of the tips that should be followed while cycling on the road:

  • Follow the traffic rules.
  • Limit your speed especially in wet weather due to slippery roads.
  • You can’t take control of your cycle at high speed.
  • Be vigilant while cycling.
  • Always wear helmet and other bike safety accessories.
  • Keep your bike in a very good condition.
  • While cycling make sure that motorist can see you.
  • Use your bell when required because some time pedestrian can’t see you.
  • Use lights and make an eye contact with other road users.
  • Be attentive especially at junctions.
  • Be aware of other vehicles and avoid any kind of collision.
  • Avoid undertaking the vehicles specially the big ones like buses and Lorries etc.
  • For the road safety, cycle training is very important. It will boost your confidence and help you tackle and mange busier roads.

In the end, motor vehicle users should give space to cyclists on the busy roads because cyclists and motor vehicle users have the same right to use the road space in a proper way. So, it’s necessary to respect rights of every user road user and give his/her equal opportunity to use roads in a proper and safe way.

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