Check your Bicycle Before Ride

Like other machines such as motor bike or car, your bicycle also needs some care and maintenance that make its life longer and gives you a smooth ride. Same is the case with children’s bicycle because it’s a fun factor for them. They learn bike harness, cycling and balancing from it.

Tips for maintenance

Here are some tips for maintenance of bicycle that make your ride smooth and safe:

  • Check the nuts on the wheel for quick release specially the back wheel because it should be tightly fitted.

  • Like back wheel check the nuts of front wheel too for smooth and secure running.

  • Spokes should also be tightly fitted and not to be loose.

  • Check the air pressure in each tyre because it’s very important for smooth ride. If there is not enough air pressure then attach your pump to the valve to pump up the tyre.

  • Oiling of chain is very necessary as well as it should be clean for smooth ride of the bike. Don’t use too much oil. Always use as per requirement.

  • Check your pedals, should be spin smoothly and don’t squeak while spinning.

  • Check saddle. Your seat post should not be loose. Tight the seat post clamp and then check it by take a ride.

  • Proper check of brakes is very important. Check your front and back brakes. Brake mechanism should move when brakes are being applied if not then there is a need of adjustment. This is possible by loosening brake cable anchor bolt. Check adjuster screws of the brakes as well. Then check front brakes by pushing the cycle forward and then applying brakes. Same is the case with rear brakes applying by pulling the cycle back.

  • Check stem bolts properly. Tighten them if required.

  • Check the frame of the bicycle in terms of any crack or damage and then fix them. Also check the area where frame connects to the head tube.

  • Check that there is any clicking in the headset. This can be checked by taking head tube on one hand and then applying front brake.

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