Children Bike Harness

Kids can’t wait to own their first bicycle and ride it with their friends. Bike riding is fun and it gives children their first sense of independence, but in all of that, parents should remember that bikes are not a toy; it’s a vehicle.


Safety First


Safety precautions for your child on their bike is very important because accidents can happen when your child is getting ready to learn how to ride their bike. With bike safety accessories, you can make your child’s first bike lesson a fun and a safe one.


Children’s bike harness is the best way for an adult to help the child have an injury or accident free bike lesson. The adult can support the child by using the handle of the harness and give the impression to the child that he or she is on its own and riding it without any support.


Kid’s cycle harness also helps the child to develop the sense of balance while riding the bike, because the adult only needs to run alongside the child while holding the harness handle to ensure a mishap free lesson.


Safety Accessories


The challenging task of teaching a child to ride their first bike is made easy with children’s bike harness. There are other bike safety accessories out there like bike stabilizers, but the transition from stabilizers to no stabilizers is always going to give the child trouble balancing their bike.


The fun experience will almost become a task for the child when the stabilizers are taken out, and now they would have to focus on balancing as well as paddling and steering the bike. All of this can become a bit too much for the child and it could really set them back in their learning process.


This is where the child’s bike harness comes in handy as it lets your child balance quickly. The child feels the freedom and gets more confident as the paddle away thinking that they are in control, but the adult will still be in control of the situation and help the child balance the bike on their own.




This is a mishap free, bike learning experience for the child, as they get to enjoy their first love with all the freedom. You can help your kid cycle without bending over and running along with an awkward position. The kids cycle harness lets you keep a straight back and run alongside your child in a fun and safe way.