Environment Friendly Active Travelling

There is increasing number of cars used now days. Due to this, air pollution is increasing and there are a lot of climate change is being recorded which is not good for our environment. It’s time to rapidly increase environment friendly active travelling like cycling and walking and avoid other vehicles as much as possible to decrease carbon emission. It’s the time to make your environment safe, clean and green.


Increase in Air Pollution


It is expected that in UK rise of carbon dioxide emission is 35% between 1990 and 2030. It’s actually an alarming condition so it’s very necessary to change our travelling habits to reduce the air pollutions in order to achieve the targets. This is the duty of every citizen otherwise air pollution will reach at alarming limits and will not be controllable.

According to demographics there is one car for every 2 person in UK so it’s the time to reduce the number of cars and other vehicle to make your roads safer to encourage active travelling means cycling and walking to reduce carbon emission and air pollution.


Effects of Air Pollution


There are many problems and diseases rising due to air pollution like Asthma, wheezing etc. According to a study polluted air is very dangerous for lungs development of children and reduces the speed of development of lungs in children that ultimately cause cancer.


Active Travelling and its Benefits


Active travelling is not only important to reduce air pollution but it also has health benefits that make you fit and active. The one more reason to adopt active travelling is to save your money as it is very economical and no expenditures of fuel. For long travelling try to use public transport as their average carbon dioxide emission is less than cars.




Let’s be together to make our  environment clean, green and pollution free for our present and upcoming generation and try to adopt environment friendly behaviors in our daily activities.