Enjoy Family Bike Rides

Children love to play and enjoy different type of adventurous activities. Parents should encourage them to take part in different physical activities to keep them fit. As family unit what are the activities that you can enjoy together? One of them is cycling. Family bike rides are perfect way to spend time together.

You can take your children for a bicycle tour to explore new areas. You can select a suitable path to enjoy your trip.

There are a lot of things that should keep in mind while planning a bicycle trip with your family:

First of all ride as a team and involve your children in this activity so they can enjoy this activity as well as the surroundings.

Try to take frequent brakes so the children can’t exhaust and enjoy this activity as much as possible.

Take plenty of water in plastic bicycle bottles. Water can be used for washing hands, cooling down on sunny days as well as for drinking.

Take snacks like fruits, cereal bars, biscuits or cake to boost the energy level.

Children should be properly dressed up like wind and shower proof jackets, fleeces, jumpers and gloves for cycling.

Also take Spare cloths, pants, wipes and plastic bags.

You should also have a tool kit: pump Tyre, puncture kit as well as spare inner tube.

First Aid kit should be with you in case of any emergency.

Mobile phone should be charged.

Always take extra cash in case of any emergency.

Try to involve your family in the ride for more enjoyment. Ask them about selection of route and paths.

Prepare bikes the night before. Check that Tyre’s are properly inflated, bolts are tight and brakes are properly working.

For small children on their own bike five to ten miles are more than enough but children in children seat on back of cycles can manage more. In any case the very important thing is the safety of your children and family. Use bike safety accessories like properly fitted helmet, knee pads and bike vests to avoid any kind of injury and to keep yourself safe and sound. Above all patience and sense of humor is very important to make the trip memorable, exciting and fun filled.