Fun Filled Activity

Learning to ride a bicycle is not an easy task as it looks. It is adventurous and at the same time thrilling to experience the ride at first time. We can say that for children it’s exciting as well as at the same way terrify the children from new experience.

Children are free soul and cycling is full of enjoyment for them but at a certain small age, they don’t learn from adult or parents through proper instructions. They learn actually by themselves through multiple errors. In fact there is technique or hard and fast rules for teaching your child cycling.

It’s only a technique of counter balance that children learn through small fall steps like walking or using small body weight to balance your bike.

  • Try to let your child enjoying learning and steering by themselves in a safer way by only holding their shoulder not letting them know that you are supporting them. It will increase their confidence and they can learn faster.
  • Children usually love to ride on tricycle and then bicycle with stabilizers.
  • The children who use stabilizers learn with delay that how to balance the bike almost at the age of five but those who skip that step can easily learn how to balance.
  • To teach the children, always start with big circle and teach them micro movement on paddle bars as well as how to use paddle.
  • Tell them foot positioning on paddle and once they are comfortable then position their saddle up.
  • The learning area at early stage of teaching should be clear and it should be wide to give more space to your children.
  • Bike safety accessories like jacket, gloves and proper clothing is very important for safety of the children.

Cycling is fun so don’t push your children to learn this activity but encourage them to learn as fun part of their play. In this way their interest will be developed in this activity but every child is different by nature so it depends on interest and child’s behavior. Learning time can be an hour or weeks depends on learning ability.