A Guide for Your Child’s First Balance Bike

Cycling is the best activity for the children of all age group even toddlers. Parents should encourage them for riding a balance bike in order to develop the healthy activity of cycling in them. Balance bike is the starter bike for your toddler or preschool children. A Balance bike has no pedals. The rider pushes himself along the ground.

 As it’s the starter that teaches children learning skills that make it possible for them cycling. They learn how to balance as well how to control steering. Although pedaling is also an important skill but first when they learn balancing then they can easily learn pedaling later but if a child starts with stabilizers then he take more time to learn balancing and get scared when stabilizers are get away. So balance bike is very important to incorporate the skill of balancing.

There are few things that should keep in mind while buying a balance bike:

The balance bike should be light weighted so a child can easily handle as well as learn balancing in a proper way. It would be difficult for them if it will be heavy.

While steering hand grip must be secure to stop any kind of injury. The headset should have ball bearings enable handle bar turn easily and freely unlike plain bearings.

On a balance bike children can stop the bike with moderate speed but if  it has smooth brakes then they can learn a skill of stopping bike smoothly with the help of brakes that they have to learn later. The brakes should not be too stiff and teach how to apply the moderate pressure.

The wheels should spin smoothly and freely for best ride again it is only possible with ball bearings. The saddle should be comfortable and a little bit concave to prevent your child from slipping forward. Adjust according to the height and comfort level of your child.

Beside all these things do not compromise on the safety of your child. Use bike safety accessories specially the bike vests for your toddlers to prevent any kind of injury.