Proper Maintenance of your child’s Bike

The child’s bike checklist

Children love cycling. Its fun for them as well as it’s a very healthy activity for keep them active and physically fit. For the safety of the children proper maintenance of cycle is very necessary. Choose that type of cycle which is according to the age of your child. For a comfortable and safe ride also buy a basic bicycle kit for your child.

Bike Selection

The selection of the bike according to the age is very necessary because by using different bikes according to the age step by step, children gain more confidence. It’s all the process of learning how to ride safely and confidently.

At early stages children use stabilizers or balancing training wheels then gradually learn how to balance and can easily enjoy a proper ride with independence.

Bicycle Kit

Now in the market there is a wide variety of bicycles for children. As every machine requires maintenance so is the bicycle for proper functioning and a smooth ride. A regular and simple check or maintenance is very important for avoiding trouble free ride and other repairs.

You have to buy a proper basic bicycle kit including:


Helmet is very importance for the protection in case of any collision or accident. This is especially very important for a kid to wear helmet according to the size for preventing any kind of head injury. Always buy a helmet that is proper fit otherwise it won’t work for safety purpose.

The other equipment in the kit includes:


It’s very important to have pump. You can teach your older children how to fix a tyre or pump up the tyres if required.


It’s very important for the safety of the bike especially in rushy areas.


Teach your child the proper usage of a bell. Now there are a lot of tempting designs available of bells for the bicycles of children.


Light weighted bags are also very beneficial to carry some things while riding.


In case of any ride in dark fix a white light in front of the bike.